Cooking with TPACK

TPACK refers to the combination of technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge. Together, these three things create a framework of “knowledge required by teachers for successful integration of technology” (Mishra 2018).

Cooking with TPACK required me to complete a task with a predetermined set of tools. In the video, I have my husband blindly choose tools for me to use. I then try to make the task fit the tool. Any other time in my kitchen, I would choose a cooking utensil based on the task.

This made me think of how often teachers decide on a technological tool and then try to mold their instruction around that tool. Instead, teachers should be choosing a tool that best fits their instruction.

As soon as I saw Jon grab the tongs, I knew I was in for a challenge. I initially felt overwhelmed. It reminded me of when I was growing up and I was terrible at typing. To this day, I still draft and edit on notebook paper because it’s how I best collect my ideas. The action of typing is a distraction from my thought process. I imagine that my students feel the same way when they are required to use a device or program that they’re not very good at yet. 

While my video is lighthearted, it had some pretty heavy implications for me as an educator. It was a reminder that especially during this period of emergency remote learning, it’s important to understand that not all children will have equal access to the tools and support they need to continue learning. Honestly, if I had to continue to slice blocks of cheese with a pair of tongs, it wouldn’t be long before I gave up on slicing cheese altogether. 

You can watch my full video below:

Video created by Lindsay Sheppard


Mishra, P., (2018, September 10). The TPACK Diagram Gets an Upgrade. 

Sheppard, L., (2020, May 22). Mrs. Sheppard Cooks with TPACK [Video]. Youtube:

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